Panasonic Lumix Phone

Not long ago, at the time Camera Phone is still very hot news, I remember I saw this image somewhere, that someone took an old phone and tie it together with a camera, to make the combination a Camera Phone.

Camera and Phone Combination It is no doubt that the item shown in the picture is a Camera Phone, you can use that combination to make a call, and capture an image. Its hard to argue that the item is not a Camera Phone.

Ok, let get into the real issue here, this morning, I read about Lumix Phone. I believe most of you know about Lumix (, that is the popular series of camera by Panasonic, which now decide to add the phone functionality to their camera. So, how should the device being categorize? Its a Camera Phone or a Phone Camera? Previously phone manufacturer insert the camera feature into their phone, but now, it is the camera manufacturer inserting the phone feature into their camera. I think we should call it Phone Camera, or I will simply use Lumix phone. Panasonic Lumix Phone

I can’t find nice photo about the Lumix Phone, the photo shown below is the screen capture of the Lumix Phone homepage (in japanese). Lumix Phone Homepage

There are 4 color available for Lumix Phone. Lumix Phone in 4 Color

In Black (my favourite).Lumix Phone in Black

In Blue. Lumix Phone in Blue

In Pink. Lumix Phone in Pink

Stylish Gold.Lumix phone in Gold

I can’t understand Japanese, I guess this one is the Feature Diagrams. Lumix Phone Feature Diagrams Some explanation on the phone.

Lumix Phone Explanation

Sample image comparison for the Lumix Phone and P-04B.Lumix Phone Sample Image Seems like this Lumix Phone do concentrate more on the camera feature, (with its stuning 13.2MP Camera) and its fair that we call it Phone Camera.

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