Skype, Adobe and Linux Pronunciations

Last few days, I start to actively use Skype to chat with one of my friend, and in our voice conversation, we do talk about the word “Skype”, where I start to have question and doubt on how to correctly pronounce the word “Skype”. There are few version that I ever heard, some say sky-pee, and some say skype (like how you pronounce type, gripe). Then, I start to Google for the correct way to pronounce “Skype”, and I found this Logo

So, the correct way to pronouce “Skype” is skaip, just like how you pronounce type and gripe, and not sky-pee. Just remember that Skype is not the “pee from the sky”, and make sure that you pronounce correctly next time you use that word.

From the page also, the author descript on how to pronounce Adobe and Linux. I think these are the most common pronunciation mistake in IT.

Adobe LogoLinux Logo

So, the correct way to pronounce Adobe is a-do-bee, and for Linux is lee-nux. Please leave a comment if you have any information for the topic above or you any other common pronunciation mistake.

3 thoughts on “Skype, Adobe and Linux Pronunciations”

  1. Huhu… Guess I’ve been pronouncing them right all along. Wonder how to make those ppl realise they are wrong? Perhaps people are just too snobbish to admit they are wrong even if they’ve known the truth~~

  2. Adobe gave me a tough time to get right until now. At first I was pronouncing it as adob. Then a friend told me it was a-dough-bay. Now I know better. I believe the correct one is A as in far, DO as in doom and BE as in bee. Wow!


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