Sony NW-A105 Battery Mod

Sony NW-A105 is a very well-known Android DAP that was released around the end of 2019. As discussed in many forums (head-fi forum) and reviews, a significant downside of this Android DAP is the Battery life. Some members in the forum even shared steps to disable background services and run the DAP in airplane mode which helps improve the battery life, but it is still mediocre.

In this article, I will share on how I mod the battery on my A105 to increase the battery capacity.

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Chord Mojo Bluetooth Receiver

I have recently purchased a 2nd hand Chord Mojo and for me, it sounded great and definitely an upgrade over my Galaxy Note 9 3.5mm jack.

However, there are 2 major complaints/issues that I have with Chord Mojo:

  • The lack of Bluetooth receiver function. It requires Chord Mojo to be always connected through wire to either my Android phone or my PC/Laptop.
  • The use of Micro USB port that is outdated for the DAC and charging. All my other device charge through USB C.

In this article, I will share how I upgraded my Chord Mojo to solve both my Bluetooth receiver and Micro USB port problem.

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DIY Water Tank Handler

I recently purchase an instant hot water dispenser by Xiaomi Viomi, from Lazada (link). The dispenser works very well as advertised. It really instantly dispensed hot water, I guess near to boiling level (100 degrees). The only complaint from me is that it produces quite a loud pump and boiler sound when it dispenses water. I guess that is fair as the boiler is capable of heating the room temperature water to 100 degrees in a matter of a few seconds.

One very good advantage of this hot water dispenser is that the water is kept in the water tank at room temperature. It does not heat up the whole water in the tank like the conventional electric Thermo pot that actually wasted a lot of electricity in keeping the temperature at a desired level. The boiler in this machine only starts to boil the water when you press the dispense button. Another advantage of this type of hot water dispenser is that you don’t need to wait for the whole water tank to be boiled before you can enjoy a cup of coffee. After you’ve refilled the water tank, pressing the dispense button gives you instant hot water for your coffee.

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