rero by Cytron

Today, I would like to draw your attention to the latest buzz in Malaysia’s educational robotic industry – rero, which stands for reconfigurable robot. rero is a robot construction kit at a whole new level, featuring easy-to-use hardware design and programming tool. It is designed and manufactured by Cytron Technologies. rero official website here:
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Blogger is Down!!

Since around 10:00PM PST (11 May 2011), blogger goes into read-only mode. If you visit blogger homepage (link above), you will see this:

Click on the Blogger Status, you will see list of status updated by guys from blogger. The latest one says that all posts since 07.37 PDT on (11 May 2011) have been temporarily removed. It also says that they expected that everything will be back to normal soon. The latest status is posted on 04:25 PDT on (13 May 2011).

Hopes that they can fix all the problem and everything back to normal.


Blogger back to normal.. I am not sure about the exact time that blogger back to normal, should be around midnight lastnight (14 May 2011) at my timezone +8GMT. Hope they solved all the problem and Happy Back to Blogging to all!

BlackBerry Playbook

I just finish watching this video about BlackBerry Playbook, and it really WOW!

Seems like BlackBerry is quite serious about the spec for Playbook, with Dual-Core processor, 1GB of RAM, dual HD recording camera (Full 1080p HD! For front and Rear camera), full flash support browser, all under 10mm thickness. More information here:

And the spec for BlackBerry Playbook: (click on the image to view larger size)


I will say this is a new tough competitor for Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. So, which one are you? BlackBerry Table OS, IOS or Android?

Panasonic Lumix Phone

Not long ago, at the time Camera Phone is still very hot news, I remember I saw this image somewhere, that someone took an old phone and tie it together with a camera, to make the combination a Camera Phone.

Camera and Phone Combination It is no doubt that the item shown in the picture is a Camera Phone, you can use that combination to make a call, and capture an image. Its hard to argue that the item is not a Camera Phone.

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Google TV

This idea of Google TV is really impressing. For me, combining the TV and internet is a great way to enhance the TV in living room. In fact, people had started to put a PC in living room that serve as the HTPC (Home Theater PC). For me, the problem of HTPC is you will need to have a mouse and keyboard at your living room, which make the HTPC look more like a PC than a Home Theater system. One thing very important in HTPC is the user interface, where user can easily navigate through all the menus, settings, and how a remote (either IR remote, or wireless radio remote) can easily control the whole HTPC that you don’t need a keyboard and mouse. So, let’s wait and see how Google TV will or will not conquer the living room.

Android on Iphone?

I would say that there is a lot of comparison, between Android and Iphone, and a lot of points saying Android is better, or Iphone is better, bla bla bla.. But how about Android OS inside an Iphone hardware?

Recently, David Wong aka planetbeing from iphonelinux use OpeniBoot software to successfully dual boot Iphone OS and Android OS in an Iphone 2G. I believe he has done quite a lot of work migrating Android OS to Iphone hardware. If you look at the video, it seems like everything works out, and the dual boot seems interesting, you can have both OS inside your Iphone, and switch between them anytime you want.

According to planetbeing from, the Android OS on Iphone hardware is still in Alpha stages, and it doesn’t work on some Iphone.

I am not an Iphone user, and I do not own an Iphone. But I really hope that one day a handphone maker, maybe HTC, Nokia, will launch a phone that support more than one type of OS, like maybe the user can choose between Window Mobile or Android, or even Iphone OS. The spec of handphone is increasing in terms of processing power and RAM, and another maybe is we will have Atom processor handphone, running Window 7, or a netbook running Iphone OS, just like Ipad.

Update (28 April 2010)

Step by step guide on how to install Android on Iphone here