Developing a Free Text-to-Speech Tool with the Google API

In this article, we will discuss how to create a Text-to-Speech tool using the Google Text-to-Speech API. We will run the Text-to-Speech API on Google AppScript, integrated with Google Sheets.

To start, head over to Google Cloud. If you haven’t activated your account yet, you can sign up for free. The Text-to-Speech API is also free to use within the usage limits, which are measured by the number of bytes of text converted.

Sign up Google Cloud

Make sure you’re logged in with your Google account, then click Start free.

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Send and Receive Whatsapp Message on Node-RED

Whatsapp has recently become a very popular platform for messaging, with its versatile features and functionalities. Personally for me, I use whatsapp for communication on almost everything. We have all sorts of Whatsapp groups from families, in laws, siblings, cousins, works, management, departments, and etc.

One of the limitations on Whatsapp is the limited API access. You will need to be on Whatsapp Business or some other paid services to be able to use the API to send and received message on Whatsapp from an automated system or a custom bot.

In this article, I will share a method I found that allows you to send and Receive Whatsapp messages from Node-RED using the plugin node-red-contrib-whatsapp-link, for free.

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Issue With Node-Red node-red-contrib-whatsapp-link

I’ve recently installed Node-Red on my home server, which is a good tool for simple automation. I’ve used it to configure some automation to send out Whatsapp messages in some Whatsapp groups as reminders for the members of the groups.

To enable Whatsapp in Node Red, I install this additional Node called node-red-contrib-whatsapp-link. One major reason for me to use it is because it does not require any third party APIs or any subscription to use it. It can simply link to your whatsapp account and you can use Node-Red to decide what to do with the message received, or to send out any message to a person or a Whatsapp group.

However, while using this Node, I face a few issue, and I will share on how I solve each of the issue in this article.

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