iBasso DX160 Replace Battery

I recently bought a broken 2nd hand Ibasso DX160 (2019 Version) with its battery and the rear cover glass damaged. My plan in getting this unit is to replace the rear cover glass and the internal battery myself. I have verified with the previous owner that the unit was working well before the battery was damaged.

After searching for where to get the replacement rear cover glass and replacement battery, I found the contact for Paul, (paul@ibasso.com) from the iBasso DX160 official thread at head-fi.org.

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Digital Audio Player Replacement Battery from Aliexpress

One of the key features of a Digital Audio Player (DAP) is how long its battery can last. In the pursuit of extending the battery for DAP, I found out that some seller on Aliexpress sells high-capacity batteries that is 50% higher than the original batteries.

The 2 batteries that we will be studying today are:

YKaiserin 2100mAh Battery for Sony Walkman NW-A10x

Normally for Sony Walkman NW-A105 (the one I owned), the standard battery capacity is 1285mAh. The battery by YKaiserin is claimed to be 2100mAh, which is around 60% additional compared to the original one. You can refer to this post on how I add a 2nd battery to my NW-A105.

HSABAT 4800mAh Battery for Ibasso DX160

For Ibasso DX160, the standard battery capacity is 3200mAh. The battery by HSABAT is claimed to be 4800mAh, which is 50% more compared to the original one.

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Sony NW-A105 Battery Mod

Sony NW-A105 is a very well-known Android DAP that was released around the end of 2019. As discussed in many forums (head-fi forum) and reviews, a significant downside of this Android DAP is the Battery life. Some members in the forum even shared steps to disable background services and run the DAP in airplane mode which helps improve the battery life, but it is still mediocre.

In this article, I will share on how I mod the battery on my A105 to increase the battery capacity.

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