Best Method to Download YouTube Video

Recently a lot of friend asking me about how to download YouTube video. So, I decide to create this article to show the step by step in downloading a YouTube video.


Under this article, I will show 2 methods, the 1st one is the “y” to “3” method, and the second one is using Mozilla Firefox add-ons called 1-Click YouTube Video Download.

“y” to “3” method

The first method, which is the easiest method. Simple change the character “y” in the youtube link to “3”. For example, the link “” change the character “y” in the “youtube” to “3”, to “”. By visiting the modified link, there will be download link at the modified link page.

The original YouTube page:


Modified link:


At the modified link page, there will be various download link, and labeled in the video format like MP4(SD), MP4(HD), FLV(LQ), FLV(HQ), FLV(HD), AVI, and MP3. Please noted that there is only some part of the video format available for certain video, like in the image above, the FLV(HD), AVI and MP3 is not available for that video, and normally HD format is not available for non-HD video.

To conclude the method, simply modified the “y” in YouTube link to “3” and click on the video format to download the file. Although this is the easiest method, no link to memorize, no software to install, but there are some video that is unable to play after the download. So, I will say use this method at your own risk.


1-Click YouTube Video Download

Now the second method, harder method, but more stable, most of the video is playable and compare to other download method, the downloaded file will be using the name of the video which make things easier, if you have a lot of downloaded videos. 1-Click YouTube Video Download is a Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, you can use your Firefox to open this link ( to install the Add-ons. Click the “Add to Firefox” green big button to begin the installation.


Firefox will ask you to Allow the process, simply click the Allow to continue with the installation. Ignore this step if it doesn’t bug you.image

Click “Install Now” to start the installation. It takes only less than a minute to complete.image

After the installation, click Restart Firefox.


Now, your Firefox is equipped with the YouTube downloader which will automatically embed the download link in the youtube page. Open any YouTube link on the Firefox and you should see the download link just below the <Embed> button, also named in available video format like FLV, MP4, 3GP and HD.


Click on the video format you prefer and it will pop out a dialog box asking you where to store the file. image

Select the directory and click Save, and you should have the download process running. Now, enjoy your downloaded video.

Please comment if you have any better method to download from YouTube. Happy downloading.

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