DelayedSleep is another click-and-run software that put your PC to standby/sleep after a preset delay time. Similar to TurnOffMonitor, it do not require any installation and consume less than 200 KB of your hard disk space.

You can set the delay time or sleep time of your PC by duration or by specific time.

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Want to turn off your laptop’s monitor without closing the lid? Don’t want to use the power button of your LCD monitor to turn off your monitor? Now you have the solution!

TurnOffMonitor is a small size click-and-run software that do not require any installation and consume very small amount of you hard disk space (less than 500KB!). TurnOffMonitor is a software that turn off your monitor instantly after you run it.

This is the main window of TurnOffMonitor, which you will see after you run TurnOffMonitor.

turnoffmonitor main window

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