Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Ever wonder which search engine return the best result for your search on internet? Here, another nice website where it help you to compare the result of all the 3 popular search  engine. This is the homepage of the site.


Then you can key in your keyword and click the Search button.


I search for “cute verbatim monster” and you can see that there will be 3 column of result, with “vote for this search engine button on top. Now, you can vote for the one you like. Then it will show all Google, Yahoo and bing logo on the top of each column.


The website is actually for user to compare all 3 search engine and let you vote for the one you like, but for me its a nice website to let you search and see the result from all 3 search engine, the only complain from me is the search process is a bit slow. Maybe its because it need to search form all 3 search engine.

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