Microsoft Windows Calculator Error

Do you use the Calculator in your Microsoft PC a lot? Me myself, do use that Calculator application quite often, mostly when I can’t find my scientific calculator, that my desk is so messy until I can’t reach the calculator even though it is on my desk (WOW). So, the story today is about a little error in Microsoft Windows Calculator.

Please watch the video to understand more about the error, and you can try it on your own in your own PC.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Calculator Error”

  1. This is my first visit to your site. Of course, through google search, I downloaded your webcam software for windows 7 webcam viewer V1.0 for the past two months. On reading your article and testing my calculator, I found it perfectly ok. I just repeated what all you did in your video and got “0” for all the calculations as the result.
    And bye tthe by, how shall I adjust webcam settings for light etc in the webcam viewer. As it is there is option for resolutions only
    Thanking you in advance,

    • Thanks for reading my blog, and commenting about the calculator. It is quite weird that I tested it on all the PC in my home including my laptop, netbook and one old desktop, all giving me non zero answer.
      And for the WebcamViewer, I am sorry to say that there is no option for the webcam setting besides the resolution and the refresh rate. And for sure that request will be considered for the next version of WebcamViewer.


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