Easy method to send out exe file in your email or chat program

Have you ever face problem trying to send out an exe file, either using email (Gmail, Yahoo Mail) or chat program (Google Talk, MSN Live Messenger)? Most of the email provider like Gmail, prevent the user to send out exe file, even if you zip the exe file.

image The “RED” message pop out after I click the Send button. “WebcamViewer V1.0.zip contains an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file. Your message has been moved back to Drafts.”


I guess the reason behind this is exe file or any active scripting is ways to spread virus over email. So, I am going to show you a very easy method to send exe file or active scripting file on email or chat programs. I will use WebcamViewer V1.0.exe file as the example in this guide. Basically, the easiest way to send out exe file is to rename the file extension from exe to something else, that the email will not know that the file is originally exe file or any active scripting file.

image From the print screen above, the filename is WebcamViewer V1.0, which means the file extension is being hide, and you the “.exe” is not shown at the filename (the default setting is: Hide extensions for know file types). For Window Vista and Window 7, press Alt key on your keyboard to show the Menu Bar, and click Tools > Folder options. For Window XP user, simply click Tools > Folder options from the Menu Bar. If you are having problem finding Folder options, you can also open Folder options from Control Panel.

imageAt the Folder Options, click on View tab, and try to find the “Hide extensions for known file types” under Advanced settings.

image Uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and click OK. This step is to make Windows show all the extension like .exe, .doc, .txt …


Now, you should see the filename for the exe file is WebcamViewer V1.0.exe. image Right click on the file and click rename.

image Rename it to “WebcamViewer V1.0.aaa”, make sure you are changing the filename from “WebcamViewer V1.0.exe” to “WebcamViewer V1.0.aaa” and not “WebcamViewer V1.0.aaa.exe”. It will pop out a confirmation dialog saying that if you change the file name extension, the file might become unusable, simply click Yes to continue.

image The icon of the exe file will be change to the Unknown file icon.

image Now, you can send the “WebcamViewer V1.0.aaa” file through email. And you have to ask your friend to rename that file back to “.exe” to use the file. Ask your friend to simply replace the “aaa” with “exe”.

image You can also send out the file through chat program.

image  But also, you need to ask your friend to rename the file to to “WebcamViewer V1.0.exe” to use the file. image Have a try!

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