Setup IDE for Android Apps Development

Creating apps for Android has been simplified by lots of tools available for free from internet. One of them officially by


Simply click the Download the SDK blue button to download the ADT Bundle for Windows. Then you will need to agree with the Terms and Conditions, also make sure you choose the correct operating system 32/64 bit.

Download size is around 510MB.image

Downloaded zip file consist of several files:image

Opening the SDK Manager.exe it shows a list of SKD that you can choose to install or delete. I think this is some kind of software library that might be use for the apps development. Will need to read more on this one.image

Inside the eclipse folder seems like there is a portable version of eclipse that will be use for the coding. But running it activate an error message saying that it do not found JRE or JDK. I guess I need to install either one of it first.


After having the JDK 8 installed (you can get it here), executing eclipse.exe start the ANDROID DEVELOPER TOOLS (I was right about the “portable” version of this IDE). I guess this Android IDE is built up based on eclipse IDE. It also ask for the Workspace location for the first time.image

And, I think that’s it, time for coding now…image

It even came with the Tutorials to get user start easily with Android development.

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