Introduction to Google Wave

I have use Google Wave for sometime, and I found out that it is indeed a very useful tools offered by Google. From the beginning of Google Mail, Google offers a lot of features/tools like Google Calendar, Google Document, Google Translating, Google Ads, …, and now it offer this new Google Wave. Currently Google Wave is still a “beta” version or Google call it “preview”.

So, what is Google Wave? Let go through this video, where the Dr. Wave will show you what exactly is Google Wave.

What is Google Wave and how it is better than e-mail.

15 feature of Google Wave.

After watching those video, I think it will be quite clear on what is Google Wave. Its really useful in replacing e-mail as a discussion channel. Those things that happen in the 2nd video really sometimes happens on me. When you use email for some discussion, it will really end up in a mess. Google Wave really provide a great tools for a discussion, no matter for a family or a company.

For me, I use it a lot in small discussion with my network friend. We share E-books, files, photos, video, and discussions on a lot of different topic. One of the feature that I like about Google Wave is that you can create folders to organize the waves you have. You can create a folder called Family, Friend, or maybe Work. Also, you can create folders under those Family, Friend, and Work. I am not sure how many level of folders allowed.

Another reason I like it is because all the information is stored at the Google server, this means you can access it everywhere with internet and you can have discussion with peoples from different places, and the history is always there to refer back or to modify. Previously, for discussion/meeting, I use MSN Messenger, Skype, and Google talk, but they all have the reliability problems, and the person you want to have discussion with, need to install these messenger to be able to chat with you. But, using Google Wave, you can simply go to and log in using your account to start your chatting.

Currently it support only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For other browser like Internet Explorer and Opera, it will show up a screen telling you to use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, or you need to install the Google Chrome Frame (not sure what is this).


Since it is currently only for “preview”, you will need an invitation to create a account on Google Wave. Therefore you need to find a person with Google Wave to send you the invitation. For my account, I still have 5 invitation tickets left, whoever want to try out Google Wave, please leave your email on the comment under this page, and if the invitation ticket is still available, I will send an invitation to you.

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