Introduction to Google Wave

I have use Google Wave for sometime, and I found out that it is indeed a very useful tools offered by Google. From the beginning of Google Mail, Google offers a lot of features/tools like Google Calendar, Google Document, Google Translating, Google Ads, …, and now it offer this new Google Wave. Currently Google Wave is still a “beta” version or Google call it “preview”.

So, what is Google Wave? Let go through this video, where the Dr. Wave will show you what exactly is Google Wave.

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Google Image Search Has Been Changed

This morning, I decide to change my wall paper, which is used for quite some time, I fire up my Google Chrome and do a normal Google Image search. As normal, I click on the image that i found interesting. But this time, after I click this, the image page is not the normal image page from Google. To reconfirm this, I repeat the search on few other keyword, which all result in same image page.


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