X-Combat Moment of Glory

X-Combat had won the first place for the MMU RCW 2010! Below are some videos during the competition:

RCW 2010 Friendly Match

RCW 2010 Round Robin 1 (X-Combat vs KG2 UPM)

RCW 2010 Round Robin 2 (R.E.D UM vs X-Combat)

RCW 2010 Round Robin 3 (Mechanical PMM vs X-Combat)

RCW 2010 Knockout Round of 16 (X-Combat vs Inno Squad A UTM)

RCW 2010 Quarter Final (Mechanical PMM vs X-Combat)

RCW 2010 Semi Final (UPM vs X-Combat)

RCW 2010 Final (MMURF MMU vs X-Combat)

5 thoughts on “X-Combat Moment of Glory”

  1. almost all the robot got their own weapon…got spade, got scorpion tail de thing wan cucuk ppl 1, got the sea shell thing wan make ppl flying 1….but x-combat wat also don hav de…XD

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