Very Nice Star Galaxy View

Click on the link above to visit PhotopicSkySurvey. Its a very nice project by Nick Risinger, who had travel 45,000 miles by air and 15,000 miles by land to get the total of 37440 exposures. More information about the project on the site.

At the main page, click on the INTERACTIVE 360 to have the 360 view on our Milky Way galaxy. Using the control at bottom of the page, you can view the Constellations and Objects, zoom in, zoom out, and view in full screen.

I even capture one of the fullscreen view as my wallpaper.

Thanks to the creator of the site for the very nice project, and hope you’ll like it. If you really like the project and would like to donate to the creator, you can do so at the main page, and click on the Donate button for donation through PayPal.

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