Upgrade Arduino Wifi Shield


When you first bought an arduino wifi shield you might face some problems in making wifi webserver. This is due to the firmware on the wifi shield not supporting the webserver.

A latest firmware upgrade should make this work. But upgrading the firmware is quite a process for a begineer.

Let me show you a simple and step by step to upgrade the firmware.

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CT-UNO Cytron Review

Finally there is a local version of Arduino UNO from Malaysia. It is from no other than Malaysia Cytron technologies.

First of all well done to Cytron R&D team.

Lets see what this variety of Arduino features.

From the first look it has a clean layout since it formed with white color. The board seems less congested or spacier.


1. SMD version of Atmega328 looks clean and small. Have better space for more components. Should have better power efficiency

2. Clear view of  TX,RX,LED and PWR LED locations.

3. FTDI USB chips makes fast and stable connection.

4. Features Optibootloader , faster transfer rate

5. Uses Micro B USB. Smaller space consumption. Less wire types to carry around since smart phones uses same type.

6. Has better regulator model for higher current draw.

7. Extra 2.54mm pitch holes at the edge for standard donut board support.

8. Full compatible with standard Arduino shields.


Well the best part , it costs RM56.00 only about $16 only. Good design and quality board for lower pricing.

Good to see Made in Malaysia at the bottom of board.

Have a better description on their official tutorial page

Cytron Tutorial CT-UNO

Purchase at their official store

Cytron Online Store CT-UNO

LCD module SSD1289 with Arduino

Working with touchscreen is always interesting. Everywhere we encounter touchscreen. Hand phones, tablet and many more..
How if we want to create our own touchscreen application with a very popular Arduino board. I am gonna share how to do this….

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