Something Nice to Try Out Using Google Chrome

Click the link above, to visit Google Experiments site, that contain the collection of JavaScript web application. Some of them are really cool.

It seems like Google has push Chrome Browser to a very high performance that it can really run something quite heavy on it, which were never ever introduced in a Webpage before the era of Google.

Google Gravity

One of experiment I like a lot is Google Gravity.

You can watch the video above or try it out on your Google Chrome. Go to this link: and click Launch Experiment. You should see a normal classic Google homepage, and then all of sudden, all the texts, search box, and Google logo start to fall down. You can use your mouse to drag the item you want and throw it upward.

One interesting part besides those falling elements is you can still use the Google search. Try to find the textbox that you normally use to insert the keyword, and press Enter on your keyboard, or you can click on the Google Search button (you’ll have to find it). Then all the search result will start to fall from top. Its cool!


Another nice Chrome Experiments called Bounce:, which is a game that you will need to create white dots to gain points. The longer you hold your mouse click, the larger the dots will grow. And you’ll need to be careful when you grow the dots, that if the red moving dot hits your growing dots, you will loose one chance. You have total 5 chances. To advance to next level, you need to cover enough space in the rectangle with white dots. In higher level, there will be more red moving dots trying to hit your growing dot, which is more challenging.

The print screen below my highest point record.

Some tips that I learn while playing the game is you can try to create few white dots, normal size.

After all the white dots cover the bottom of the rectangle, try to rotate the rectangle 180 degree. Now all the white dots will kind like fall down and “cover” the red dots, that the red dots will not disturb you on growing larger white dots.

Have a try, and please leave comments on the Experiment you like the most..

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