Heros of Newerth Patch Update Error (K2 Exception)

Yesterday, 1st of April 2010, Heros of Newerth had open the registration for Beta that doesnโ€™t require a Beta Key. I also opened an account on for Heros of Newerth www.heroesofnewerth.com.


I installed version 0.1.64b (older version) and it will automatic update after you login. What actually happen is after it download the update files, the update process crash. It only show a small window saying K2 Exception, Would you like to save a crash report?

After go through some forum, I found a method to solve the problem. All you have to do is download the tos.txt file at the end of this post, and paste it into the installation folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerthย  (default installation folder for 64 bit window)

C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth (default installation folder for 32 bit window)

and run the update again. I have tried this method for Window XP and Window 7 (64bit) and it solve the problem. So, you might want to have a try.



If you have better solution, or recommendation for this method please leave a comment. Enjoy!


tos.txt (Right click and Save link as..)

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  1. What window you are using now? Which service pack? And you are upgrading from which version of HON?

  2. i was using window XP Pentium(R) service pack 2 and upgrading from version but i cant upgrad on coz of the crash report.

  3. I am suspecting that the crash is cause by the service pack 2. I have several friends installing HON, one of them also using Window XP, with service pack 2 which also crash during the update. However, another PC with Window XP service pack 3 do success with the update. I can’t say that this is the solution, but you might try to update your Window XP to service pack 3. Please update with us if you have successfully solve the problem. Thanks.


  5. ohh thanks it works i just copy paste the tox.txt and use different account to log in and then update.
    after that it updates and work properly.

    thanks again

  6. I got worried when I tried this from another website, I did it manually and it failed. but using the download link of yours it worked brilliantly. As lots of people have said above me, Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ok so I went to the link and hit save target as on windows 7 64 bit and it wouldnt show up so i looked in the update folder and there was already a Tos.txt file so i copied it to the location shown in your second picture and it worked so thank you for telling me the location and the file but if anyone else has this problem try looking for the update folder and copying the tos.txt file from there to just the HON folder
    Thanks Again

  8. plz help… still cant fix it…. i registered my hon account today and clicked play beta…. they said download file thingy…. i clicked windows and w8ted for a while… and i tried to open it but it only shows black and when i alt + tab it showed K2 Exception… and now i saw this and i compared some files with your files and i saw that mine was lacking some files than yours? so can you help me? why did this occur?

  9. Theo, which version of windows you are using? and the version of HON? if i am not wrong, HON doesn’t run on Window XP SP2, you need to update to SP3 if you are using Window XP. and for the automatic updating part, what happen on my PC is i have to wait for around 40 seconds for the update to start, it will kind of “hang” at the beginning of the update. so, you can try to wait for the update to start before you end it.

  10. i already have the tos.txt in my hon folder…. but i dont have the log.txt and that compat folder and so many more… im really frustrated right now cause i keep looking for solutions and none worked…. so plz help me… ๐Ÿ™
    if you can…. thanks man…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. im using Windows XP but i don’t know if its SP2 or SP3…. btw where can i see the version of the windows im using?

  12. you can check your Window XP version from the System Properties. go to Control Panel and double click System (classic view) and you can see the window version under System Properties. if it is Service Pack 2, then you can try to update your window to Service Pack 3. updating to Service Pack 3 do solve the problem on one of my friend’s PC. you can have a try.

  13. under Automatic Updates tab at System Properties, click on Windows Update Web Site and follow the instruction on the page to proceed with the update. you will need to have a genuine Window XP to be able to update and I can’t guarantee that it solve the problem, but no harm trying.

  14. well ok.. i’ll try… and thank you for you advice…. but 1 question…. will some files be gone if i update it?

  15. i am not so sure about the files, but if the problem still exist after the update, you can try to reinstall the hon after the update. and hope the problem solved after the update.

  16. i already have the tos but it still wont work should i rename it to tos.txt ?? or save the link above and delete the tos at the file of HoN??

  17. mhac, the tos file should be text file. Under the Folder Options, check the “Hide extensions for known file types”. If it is checked, then you should only see the file as “tos”, and if it is not checked, you should see the whole file name as “tos.txt”.

    For the upgrade from SP2 to SP3, please check your Window XP license. You need to have genuine Window XP to enable the update.

  18. it really wont work even if i update it to SP3…what do you think the prob.. is??it still turns to black and the k2 exception always come out

  19. Previously I install 0.1.64b, then update to, and now I update it to, and the K2 exception only happen when I update from 0.1.64b to Do you tried to reinstall the latest version? Try to uninstall the older version and do a clean install for the latest version.

  20. mark, is it possible to give more detail on the version you are using, your window version, the service pack for the window..

  21. if you are using Window XP, please update the Window XP to Service Pack 3, update your graphic card driver and try to reinstall.

  22. It doesnt work

    my computer story:I used to have windows vista premium on it but i got bored of it so i installed windows 7 ultimate and then played My Hon keeped working but now after the new update was coming i couldnt play

    i tryed to download tos.txt and put it in the hon folder

    Please help

  23. Henke, can you give more detail about your system, like the operating system, service pack, and which version of HON you are installing. And for your information, HON doesn’t seems to work under Window XP Service Pack 2, you will need to upgrage to Service Pack 3.

  24. Well i got a Windows Xp, just redownloaded the game so i guess i got the newest version of HoN, but still getting the anoying k2 exception. Please Hit me up. Thanks.

  25. Since its Window XP, you will need to check your Service Pack. If it is Service Pack 2, then try to upgrade it to Service Pack 3. There is no guarantee that it will works under Service Pack 3, but the upgrade do solve the problem on some PC. And make sure you run HON as administrator.

  26. hey guys ive done everything ive done the tos file ive done a bunch of shit and still no go can any1 help me plz

  27. i’m having the same problem.. im using windows 7 . nvidia gt 335m 1gb. Asus a42jk.
    the problem is… b4 this i can play without any problem. now keep on popping up k2 exception thingy..

  28. Hey im running service pack 3, my nvidia Geforce is at its best and everytime i update HON i get the same k2 crash report. However, it works when i download the newest client, and update from that, but updating a 470+ file every time an update comes out is frustrating… any help is appreciated

  29. I can’t solve 2K problem following your post, still as same before.
    Do you have another way to solve, pls me. – – ‘

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