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Let’s say you have an image file, that you are interested in, and the filename is not really giving much information about the source of the image, how you can get more information about the image? What I normally do is to describe the image using the best words I can think of by looking at the image, and search for those words in Google. This is not a very good method, and sometimes didn’t guarantee good result.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about the problem above, or use my method of searching about the image. Google has launched the Search by Image ( Watch the video to get the idea of this new Search by Image.

The Search by Image basically allows you to search using any image file. You can capture the image using your camera, save image from webpage, just any image file.

Below are some example of images I search using Search by Image (all the images is captured by Nokia N73 camera)

The image of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book.

The search result:

The search result is quite impressive, that it shows all the related information of the book as well as places to buy the book.

My spectacle:

The search result:

The result is not very accurate, showing only one spectacle in all 20 similar images result. But if you insert “spectacle” keyword to the “describe image here” box, you will get better result.

Overall this new Google Search by Image is a very useful extra tool in a search engine. It is a newly launch feature, and I believe they will for sure keep improving it. Most of my friends give a thumbs up for this features, and they are saying that they’ve waited for a long time for similar feature to be available. Hope you’ll like it..

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