Google Instant Search

Google had include a very nice feature in its popular Google Search Engine – Google Instant Search. From the name, it means that you can instantly search on Google while you are typing! The homepage for is still similar, but once you type on the search textbox, it will start the searching.

Bustatech - Google Instant Search

You can see that after I type “bu”, it start to show all relevant search result like “burger king”, “burn notice”, … and the result is instantly shown on the page, even that I haven’t complete type the whole word.

Bustatech - Google Instant Search

And after I complete the “bustatech”, the result of the search for “bustatech” is shown.

Bustatech - Google Instant Search

I know that the different for the search with and without the instant search is maybe only less than a second, but nice job Google, it is really a very nice feature that I believe people will find it interesting and useful.

Try it now:

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