Gmail Latest Feature – Gmail Motion

“Today” (1st April 2011), Google launch the latest Gmail feature called Gmail Motion. This new feature enables the user to control Gmail using Motion capture by Computer webcam. It means you can simply use your motion in front of your computer to control Gmail, like replying email, compose, archive, spam, and etc. Click on the link above for the Gmail Motion BETA.

Visit Gmail Motion page and try out the Gmail Motion BETA by clicking the “Try Gmail Motion” button.

You should get a loading page:

And the next thing will be:

So, this new Gmail Motion BETA is actually an April Fools joke… Google always do impressive stuff, even for an April Fools joke, they also do it seriously. Watch the video, and try to think of how much efforts they put into that video, the interviews, example motion, bla bla…. and they even create a Printable Guide for all the supported motion (you can find it here).

Nice job Google!


Please leave comments for any other creative April Fools joke you found today!.

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