Convert PDF to Microsoft Word Document

How you normally convert PDF file to Microsoft Word document? I found a very nice website, that you can convert PDF file to Microsoft Word document without the need to install a software!


The process of converting is pretty simple, as describe in the 3 steps. Step 1, select PDF to convert, step 2, choose the output file type, .doc or .rtf, and the step 3 insert the email where the output file will be send. After clicking Convert, you will need to wait for the uploading file, and converting file.

www.bustatech.com004 www.bustatech.com005 

The whole process took me about 3 to 5 minute and I received an email from


Below are some side by side comparison of the PDF file (left) and Microsoft Word Document (right). It is not 100%, but for me its good enough.

 www.bustatech.com009  www.bustatech.com010

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