Window 7 Release Candidate is going to expire

Received an e-mail from Microsoft, about the expiration of Window 7 RC. For those who ever request for product key of Window 7 RC should also receive this email.


Since end of 2008, Window 7 Beta had leaked onto the Internet via BitTorrent, and it was publicly released on 9 January 2009 and available for download in ISO file format. For Window 7 RC version, it is publicly available for download on 5 May 2009 and this Window 7 RC version will expire on 1 June 2010. As stated in the email, this Window 7 RC will shut down automatically every two hours starting from 1 March 2010. It also clearly stated that the shut down will not save any data or opened files.

For those who still using Window 7 RC, if you really like to continue using Window 7, you should purchase a copy of Window 7. Its time to reformat your PC!

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