– Post Your Message to Live Aquarium

Found this interesting website,, where you can post a message to anyone, and the message will be pasted on a live aquarium. On that website also, you can see the webcam live aquarium, where the image will be refresh each few seconds. Sometimes it shows only blank image, I am not sure about the problem, but after I refresh the page, the image continue running.


At the bottom of the homepage, there is a form where you can fill in your message, the Receiver, Receiver’s Email, Message, Sender, and Sender’s Email. I tried, and around after 15 minutes (which is quite fast), I receive an email from Watch Aquarium saying that the message is being posted to the aquarium. Then I check back the site and I see my message “This is interesting.” posted at the back of the aquarium, and the fish swimming inside the aquarium.


For me, it is quite a nice idea, a fresh way to post a message, and next time maybe I can use this channel to wish my friend Happy Birthday.

Now, have a try:

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