Verbatim Monster (very cute)

One of my friend (thanks to him), send me a link to a very nice Verbatim site. At that site you can create your own Verbatim monster, and fight. After winning a match, your ranking will increase, and they use the GB to measure your point for each monster.

These are my monsters.


When you create a monster, you will need to select 4 part from a given list,

ScreenShot003Then it will automatically create combination of the selected part for you to choose. You will need to respond faster in this step, because it move on to the next combination quite fast.

ScreenShot004ScreenShot005ScreenShot006ScreenShot007 After giving a name to your monster, then you can fight. My advise is fight in a Random Match first, the Final Monster is not easy. And during the fight, there are 3 button under the screen that you can use to control your monster. The First button is to enable the “Big Swing” that will greatly reduce opponent’s HP, only if it hits your opponent. For this one, you need to make sure that the opponent is near enough to you before you press. If it doesn’t hit your opponent, you wasted the chance. The second button is to increase your HP, not sure how many percent, and the third button is to shoot a “missile” to your opponent. For this one, I don’t have any clue on how it will hit the opponent. Sometimes it missed.

So, happy fighting. Below are some of my winning matches:

(media removed from Verbatim website)

Update 171004:

I believed Verbatim has remove this fighting game from their website so the previous fighting match codes no longer works.

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