Problem Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Two days ago, I face this problem connecting to my home Wi-Fi, which previously never give me any problem. The Wi-Fi modem is located at the 1st floor, and there is no connection problem at the ground floor living room, kitchen table, and most part of my house. But the problem happen 2 days ago is I cannot access the Wi-Fi at my ground floor living room. Windows 7 netbook keep giving the message “unable to connect to selected Wi-Fi”, and when I bring that netbook to the 1st floor, the connection can be made easily. It is something like the signal of the Wi-Fi modem suddenly become very weak that the signal cannot reach ground floor.

The 1st thing I try is, I readjust the antenna of the Wi-Fi modem hoping that it could give better wireless signal. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Then I login to the Wi-Fi setting page to look for any configuration that I can change to improve the signal strength.

After around 10 minutes try and error on the Wireless Settings, the problem solve when I switch the Wireless Channel from Channel 7 to Auto Scan.

Under Wireless Settings > Wireless Basics.

Under the setting called “Wireless Channel”, there are total 13 different channel with one Auto Scan option. More information about Wi-Fi channel here.

The default setting by my internet provider is Channel 7. So, what happen is there is another neighbour which also using Channel 7 and cause interference with my home Wi-Fi, and thus reduce the signal strength of my Wi-Fi modem. By changing it to Auto Scan, I guess it will automatically scan for the channel that no one is using in that area, and I can get back good signal even at ground floor.

So, the next time you face the same problem that the signal strength of your Wi-Fi is dropping, you can try to change the Wireless Channel setting. Feel free to leave comment and share your experience troubleshooting Wi-Fi problem.

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