Google Pac-Man, Visit Today

22 May 1980 is the date of the first released of Pac-Man arcade game in Japan (more info here). If you visit today 22 May 2010 (Pac-Man 30th Anniversary), you will found out that the Google homepage theme for today is Pac-Man.


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Google Chrome Quick Search

I am not sure what this feature is called under Google Chrome, I am going to call it as “Quick Search”. This is actually a very nice feature for Google Chrome, and I learn about this feature from a friend (thanks to him!). So, this Quick Search actually allow you to search on other page besides Google, at Google Chrome address bar quickly.


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Display a Webpage on Desktop (Window Vista and Window 7)

On the previous post, “Display a Webpage on Your Desktop (Window XP)”, I had show you how to display a webpage on your desktop using Active Desktop feature under Window XP. For Window Vista and Window 7, Microsoft has remove this feature, and replace it by Desktop Sidebar Gadget. Therefore, to display a webpage on your Window Vista or Window 7 desktop, you will need to use this gadget called ActiveDesktop. You can get the gadget at the ActiveDesktop page, or download it from the end of this post.


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Found this interesting website,, where you can post a message to anyone, and the message will be pasted on a live aquarium. On that website also, you can see the webcam live aquarium, where the image will be refresh each few seconds. Sometimes it shows only blank image, I am not sure about the problem, but after I refresh the page, the image continue running.


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Android on Iphone?

I would say that there is a lot of comparison, between Android and Iphone, and a lot of points saying Android is better, or Iphone is better, bla bla bla.. But how about Android OS inside an Iphone hardware?

Recently, David Wong aka planetbeing from iphonelinux use OpeniBoot software to successfully dual boot Iphone OS and Android OS in an Iphone 2G. I believe he has done quite a lot of work migrating Android OS to Iphone hardware. If you look at the video, it seems like everything works out, and the dual boot seems interesting, you can have both OS inside your Iphone, and switch between them anytime you want.

According to planetbeing from, the Android OS on Iphone hardware is still in Alpha stages, and it doesn’t work on some Iphone.

I am not an Iphone user, and I do not own an Iphone. But I really hope that one day a handphone maker, maybe HTC, Nokia, will launch a phone that support more than one type of OS, like maybe the user can choose between Window Mobile or Android, or even Iphone OS. The spec of handphone is increasing in terms of processing power and RAM, and another maybe is we will have Atom processor handphone, running Window 7, or a netbook running Iphone OS, just like Ipad.

Update (28 April 2010)

Step by step guide on how to install Android on Iphone here