Casio fx-570ES Scientific Calculator Tweak

I bought a new Scientific Calculator, Casio fx-570ES. You can click on the link above for more information about the calculator. Previously I am using Casio fx-570MS until recently I left my calculator at my hometown. The function for both of them are similar, and I am being told that the newer fx-570ES support more calculation function/feature which are not available in the older model.  The one on the left is fx-570MS, (belongs to my housemate) and the one on the right is my new fx-570ES.


Normal functionality of the new calculator doesn’t give much problem to me, location of the keys similar to the new one. One thing that really bugs me on the new calculator is they remove the number prefix (like milli, nano, pico, Mega, Kilo, …) on the new calculator, and they change the combination of the SHIFT + Number to other functions. I will say I rely a lot on this function on my previous Scientific Calculator for the calculation of timing in my coding work.

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BustATECH Google Chrome Theme

I have created a BustATECH Google Chrome Theme, mostly based on the colour arrangement of For the complete Theme Creation Guide, click on the link above. The screenshot of BustATECH Google Chrome Theme.


I took around half day to learn on how to create a Google Chrome Theme, editing images, and finally its done. I will say it is quite simple.Simply follows the instruction from the Theme Creation Guide and you will have your customized theme. For those who likes this theme or want to try out this theme, please get the theme from Open the link using Google Chrome, and click the Add to Chrome button. It takes few seconds to download and your Google Chrome theme will automatically switched to Bustatech theme.

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Control iTunes using Multimedia Key on Your PC

I am not sure if you use iTunes as the MP3 player on your PC or Mac, but since my Windows Media Player loss all my MP3 libraries and failed to add new MP3 to it, I start using iTunes, and I am kind of love it over Windows Media Player. You can download iTunes for PC from The print screen of my iTunes:


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Google Search by Image

Let’s say you have an image file, that you are interested in, and the filename is not really giving much information about the source of the image, how you can get more information about the image? What I normally do is to describe the image using the best words I can think of by looking at the image, and search for those words in Google. This is not a very good method, and sometimes didn’t guarantee good result.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about the problem above, or use my method of searching about the image. Google has launched the Search by Image ( Watch the video to get the idea of this new Search by Image.

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Blogger is Down!!

Since around 10:00PM PST (11 May 2011), blogger goes into read-only mode. If you visit blogger homepage (link above), you will see this:

Click on the Blogger Status, you will see list of status updated by guys from blogger. The latest one says that all posts since 07.37 PDT on (11 May 2011) have been temporarily removed. It also says that they expected that everything will be back to normal soon. The latest status is posted on 04:25 PDT on (13 May 2011).

Hopes that they can fix all the problem and everything back to normal.


Blogger back to normal.. I am not sure about the exact time that blogger back to normal, should be around midnight lastnight (14 May 2011) at my timezone +8GMT. Hope they solved all the problem and Happy Back to Blogging to all!

Run Multiple Dropbox on Your PC at The Same Time

Dropbox is an useful application that automatically sync your files on multiple PCs and even your handphone. More info about dropbox here. You can create your Dropbox account and get the Dropbox installer for free from For free account user like me, you are only allowed to put maximum 2GB of file into your Dropbox. To get larger space, you can either pay for Pro account or you can run multiple 2GB free account on your PC. I will shows the step by step on how to have multiple Dropbox running on your PC at the same time.

The first step is to visit and download the latest DropboxPortableAHK from the page, or you can get the download link at the end of this article.

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Gmail Latest Feature – Gmail Motion

“Today” (1st April 2011), Google launch the latest Gmail feature called Gmail Motion. This new feature enables the user to control Gmail using Motion capture by Computer webcam. It means you can simply use your motion in front of your computer to control Gmail, like replying email, compose, archive, spam, and etc. Click on the link above for the Gmail Motion BETA.

Visit Gmail Motion page and try out the Gmail Motion BETA by clicking the “Try Gmail Motion” button.

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