New Google Feature: Google Buzz

Today I log in to my Gmail account, checking email, before it reach my inbox, it pop out a page showing the new Google feature, Google Buzz. What is that?


After clicking “Sweet! Check Out Buzz”, it directed me to the familiar inbox, but this time with a new “Buzz” just under my “Inbox” at the left side bar.

ScreenShot002 It show a “Welcome to Buzz” message, new way to share updates, photos, video and more, bla bla bla… When you click to insert message for the first time, it prompt a profile/setting page, and i simply click Save and Continue..

ScreenShot003 Then, you can start your post/message/sharing..


It will be shown as a buzz, and your follower should be able to read what you write. For me it is like a Twitter build into Gmail.

ScreenShot005For more information about the Google Buzz, please watch this video:

You can also visit Google Blog about the Google Buzz:

Happy Buzzing!

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