DIY Modified Zeniick Clock

I previously purchased 2 Zeniick watches from KickStarter. Click on the link above for more information about Zeniick watch.

The received items:Zeniick Watch, Black and WhiteI will say that the watch is not really that durable, especially its band. After around few weeks of using the watch, its band breaks off from the body of the watch. The white paint on its body also get off easily.

Zeniick Watch band break offZeniick watch band break offSo, instead of having 2 Zeniick watches, I have now 2 small Zeniick clocks with me.

Zeniick ClockZeniick ClockSo, I came out with this idea to convert these Zeniick watches to Zeniick clocks. I planned to use some Polymorph to shape 2 holders for these watches.Zeniick clocks and some PolymorphI do take some times to shape the Polymorph, using a lighter to heat up the Polymorph, shape it, … And after around 15 minutes, I came out with these 2:

Polymorph stand for Zeniick clockI know it look ugly, but those are the best result from my 15 minutes work.

The result:

Zeniick Clock Zeniick clock Zeniick clockI think they look great on my desk.

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