Very nice Window 7 Feature

Minimize All Other Window

When you have a lot of windows opened, and you want minimize all, I think you know that you can click on the “Show Desktop” button (if you enable Quick Launch on your Window 7) or you can click on the bottom right side of your screen, where there is a show desktop button on the right side of the system clock. But there is another method of minimizing all other window (except the one you want it to remain unminimize). Now, if you have Window 7, try this:

  • open several window, you can have window media player, internet browser, up to you
  • now choose one window that you want it to remain unminimize
  • click on the top of the window, like how you normally drag the window around, and start to shake the window (either up down, or left right)
  • you should see that all other window is being minimize, but the only window left is the window I shake, and my Google Talk, I guess this method doesn’t minimize Google Talk.

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