Blogger is Down!!

Since around 10:00PM PST (11 May 2011), blogger goes into read-only mode. If you visit blogger homepage (link above), you will see this:

Click on the Blogger Status, you will see list of status updated by guys from blogger. The latest one says that all posts since 07.37 PDT on (11 May 2011) have been temporarily removed. It also says that they expected that everything will be back to normal soon. The latest status is posted on 04:25 PDT on (13 May 2011).

Hopes that they can fix all the problem and everything back to normal.


Blogger back to normal.. I am not sure about the exact time that blogger back to normal, should be around midnight lastnight (14 May 2011) at my timezone +8GMT. Hope they solved all the problem and Happy Back to Blogging to all!

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