Get the gender of your PC

Received a step-by-step guide from a friend, about how to find out the gender of your PC. It is quite interesting, and I decide to share it here, and hope you can have atry.

So, the first step is to open “Notepad” from start menu, Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

image Now, paste the following text to the notepad: CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak”I Love You”


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Iphone 4 film/movie – Apple of My Eye

Recently Apple launch Iphone 4, and one thing that Iphone 4 did great is the HD video recording with its 5MP camera. It also comes with the movie editing software, iMovie, which is well known in Mac, now available for Iphone 4.

This movie, Apply of My Eye, is totally shot and edited using only Iphone 4, which also prove that this Iphone 4 is really an all-in-one movie tool. For me, the quality of the video is really great, for a phone, the 720p resolution, nice lighting, and all … Enjoy the movie!

Google TV

This idea of Google TV is really impressing. For me, combining the TV and internet is a great way to enhance the TV in living room. In fact, people had started to put a PC in living room that serve as the HTPC (Home Theater PC). For me, the problem of HTPC is you will need to have a mouse and keyboard at your living room, which make the HTPC look more like a PC than a Home Theater system. One thing very important in HTPC is the user interface, where user can easily navigate through all the menus, settings, and how a remote (either IR remote, or wireless radio remote) can easily control the whole HTPC that you don’t need a keyboard and mouse. So, let’s wait and see how Google TV will or will not conquer the living room.

Create your Digital Handwriting –

Found a nice website,, where you can create your own Digital Handwriting. On that website, you create your own handwriting, digitally “type” your handwriting and send the handwriting to your friend. The recipient will going to receive an image that contain the text using your own handwriting. That’s cool..


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