Install Ubuntu 10.10 under Window 7

Recently, Ubuntu just launch their perfect 10 edition, version 10.10 at 10/10/2010. Install Ubuntu 10.10 under Window 7

I am not an Ubuntu user, but feels like want to try out the latest version of the Perfect 10. Under this guide, I am going to show the step by step in installing the Perfect 10 edition.

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Panasonic Lumix Phone

Not long ago, at the time Camera Phone is still very hot news, I remember I saw this image somewhere, that someone took an old phone and tie it together with a camera, to make the combination a Camera Phone.

Camera and Phone Combination It is no doubt that the item shown in the picture is a Camera Phone, you can use that combination to make a call, and capture an image. Its hard to argue that the item is not a Camera Phone.

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Skype, Adobe and Linux Pronunciations

Last few days, I start to actively use Skype to chat with one of my friend, and in our voice conversation, we do talk about the word “Skype”, where I start to have question and doubt on how to correctly pronounce the word “Skype”. There are few version that I ever heard, some say sky-pee, and some say skype (like how you pronounce type, gripe). Then, I start to Google for the correct way to pronounce “Skype”, and I found this Logo

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Drop all your important files into your Dropbox

Do you bring your pendrive from home to work at the morning and bring that pendrive back from work to home everyday? Do you ever forgot to bring your pendrive or left your pendrive at office? Or do you ever loss your pendrive? You can now forget your pendrive and start using Dropbox. Logo

Dropbox is an application (or you can call it a service) that enable you to have a folder (default name “My Dropbox”) that you can access either from your Office PC or your Home PC, or any other PC you want. You can access files at your Office PC that you put to that folder at your Home PC. The “My Dropbox” folder will always be sync between all the PC you have or even your Iphone. One nice thing about Dropbox is you can create a free account with free storage up to 2GB The video below show detail information about the Dropbox:

Get a free account now:

Windows 7 Taskbar Shortcut Key

Just found a nice page: where you can find lots of tips and tricks for Windows 7, and one of them looks very interesting.

I believe most of the Windows 7 user do have program pinned to the taskbar, and for me, I have Windows Media Player (music), Google Mail (email), and Google Chrome (internet browser).


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Supercapacitor USB Light

For those who never heard about supercapacitor, you can check for more info about supercapacitor here. Supercapacitor is basically a capacitor with very high capacity, and the capacity rating is normally around few Farads. With the “super” capacity, it basically can store a lot of charge, and I am going to use the “super” capacity to store charges for a 5mm LED. Let’s see how long will the 5mm LED last.


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