Something Nice to Try Out Using Google Chrome

Click the link above, to visit Google Experiments site, that contain the collection of JavaScript web application. Some of them are really cool.

It seems like Google has push Chrome Browser to a very high performance that it can really run something quite heavy on it, which were never ever introduced in a Webpage before the era of Google.

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Problem Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Two days ago, I face this problem connecting to my home Wi-Fi, which previously never give me any problem. The Wi-Fi modem is located at the 1st floor, and there is no connection problem at the ground floor living room, kitchen table, and most part of my house. But the problem happen 2 days ago is I cannot access the Wi-Fi at my ground floor living room. Windows 7 netbook keep giving the message “unable to connect to selected Wi-Fi”, and when I bring that netbook to the 1st floor, the connection can be made easily. It is something like the signal of the Wi-Fi modem suddenly become very weak that the signal cannot reach ground floor.

The 1st thing I try is, I readjust the antenna of the Wi-Fi modem hoping that it could give better wireless signal. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Then I login to the Wi-Fi setting page to look for any configuration that I can change to improve the signal strength.

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Increase The Sensitivity of IR Remote Control

I have a Pioneer XV-MF5 Micro HIFI in my room (around 1-2 years old), the sound is good, radio signal, all great, just one thing I am not quite satisfy. The sensitivity of the remote control seems like not so good, overall is ok, but sometimes I’ll have to point it directly to the HIFI for it to get what I press.

So, since I am having some free time, I decide to break into the remote to see what I can do to improve the sensitivity or increase the IR Signal brightness from the remote.

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BlackBerry Playbook

I just finish watching this video about BlackBerry Playbook, and it really WOW!

Seems like BlackBerry is quite serious about the spec for Playbook, with Dual-Core processor, 1GB of RAM, dual HD recording camera (Full 1080p HD! For front and Rear camera), full flash support browser, all under 10mm thickness. More information here:

And the spec for BlackBerry Playbook: (click on the image to view larger size)


I will say this is a new tough competitor for Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. So, which one are you? BlackBerry Table OS, IOS or Android?

Microsoft Windows Calculator Error

Do you use the Calculator in your Microsoft PC a lot? Me myself, do use that Calculator application quite often, mostly when I can’t find my scientific calculator, that my desk is so messy until I can’t reach the calculator even though it is on my desk (WOW). So, the story today is about a little error in Microsoft Windows Calculator.

Please watch the video to understand more about the error, and you can try it on your own in your own PC.

Nice Google Chrome Extension

I am browsing through the Google Chrome Extensions, at Chrome Web Store (, and I found this, Do Not Press Extension ( This is really a very simple extensions, yet it create a lots of fun.

This is the print screen of the extension page, and I think I will not explain on the detail about this extension, or how to use it, because it will beat the purpose of that extension. Simply click on the Install button, and have a try on that RED button. You will have a fun 2-5 minutes I guess.


Have a try!